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In a welcoming atmosphere of serenity, perfumed with the subtle floral notes of signature fragrance, the Miramar Spa invites guests to a unique well-being experience. We offer a wide range of massages, exquisite hammams as well as face and body treatments.  Along with our luxurious spa treatments, we provide you with everyday beauty needs, including manicure, pedicure and tanning. We also offer an exotic outdoor massage that allows guests to enjoy exclusive tropical experiences alone or as a couple in the warm magical atmosphere of the beach lush sand.

These rare beauty rituals, exclusive in our spa, offer an unprecedented sensorial journey, relaxing and energizing according to your needs and desires.


The Miramar Spa is the heart of regeneration at Miramar Hotel Resort. A place to renew, restore and revive your body, mind and soul. Deeply attuned to client needs, our team uses its expertise to provide you with the highest level of service, including deep massages, luxurious facials and customized body treatments.


Duo Massage | 50 min 
A relaxation treatment for two people at the same time in the same room. This is a unique way to spend some quality time to pamper, relax and unwind together.

Hot Stones Massage | 60 min
The application of gently heated stones as part of the healing elements of fire, water and earth to bring profound relief to tight muscles, stressed emotions and a weary spirit.

Thai Massage | 60 min
A unique massage that combines physical and energetic aspect to facilitate deep relaxation while wiping away your daily stress.

Aromatic Full-Body Massage | 50 min
A relaxing treatment that uses pure essential oils and various massage techniques to restore energy and leave you with a heightened sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue Massage | 50 min
This type of massage facilitates healing by releasing contracted areas of muscle and tissue. It can help increase blood flow to the soft tissues and reduce inflammation.

Dry massage | 50 min
A relaxing treatment that uses various massage techniques to restore your energy, rebalance and soothe your mind without the use of oils.

Head, Neck & Shoulders | 45 min
This soothing massage targets areas to relieve tension and release muscle knots areas by focusing on the specific areas.

Reflexology Massage | 30 min
This calm-inducing ancient Eastern technique uses pressure-point massage on the hands and feet to restore the flow of energy throughout the body. Your entire being will feel lighter and free of stress.

Neck and Back Massage | 25 min
This tailored massage with help relax and relieve neck and back pain. Focused to help you to feel lighter and free of stress.

Indian Head and Scalp Massage | 20 min
The Indian Head Massage will focus particularly on the shoulders, the neck, the forehead, and the scalp. Effective for relieving stress and calming the mind.

Express Massage | 20 min
On the run? This Express treatment will leave you saying Sp-ahh.. For the most benefit in this shorter time frame, let your therapist know which areas of the body to focus on.

hot stones


Turkish Hamam | 60 min
An indulging bath session takes place on the heated stone slab while you are being scrubbed and massaged for exfoliation, followed by a mud mask treatment and finally washed clean with hot water.

Turkish Foam Bath | 60 min
A relaxing bath session where your whole body will be covered in soft white foam bubbles, then gently massaged for exfoliation and washed clean with hot water.

Moroccan Hamam | 60 min
A luxurious cleansing ritual of Morocco where you are being covered in a Moroccan soap relaxed in a steam room followed by invigorating scrubbing and a treatment mask. Finally, washed clean with hot water and moisturized.

Bali Salt Scrub | 25 min
A sensual Bali spa experience that will take you to the exotic, tropical island. Muscovado sugar has moisturizing properties that melt into your skin as you scrub, renewing and revitalizing skin.

Chocolate Body Wrap | 90 min
A chocolate lover delight. Post exfoliation, the body will be wrapped in a chocolate mask to maximize the relaxing benefits followed by mini chocolate cream massage. This treatment will help get rid of dead skin cells accumulated on the surface of the skin.


23 Karat Gold Body Treatment | 90 min
Completely indulge yourself with our most luxurious body treatment with anti-cellulite effect. Firms and improves skin elasticity, stimulates Lipolysis. Your skin will feel moisturized and silky-smooth.

Homeopathic Body Treatment | 90 min
This soothing all natural body treatment is highly effective slimming treatment with proven 75% firming and toning and 65% microcirculation activation results. A must for detoxifying and revitalizing your skin.

gold mask


24 Karat Gold Facial | 75 min
A luxurious anti-aging treatment for brightness and firmness with marine collagen wrinkle -fillers and pure 24 Karat golden leaf mask. Wrinkles and fine lines fade visibly, your complexion looks younger and radiant.

Hyaluronic Facial | 60 min
Intensive moisturizing and anti-wrinkle beauty treatment with 3 types of Hyaluronic acid, Oligopeptides, Hyaluronic ‘Wrinkle-fillers’, White Tea, Cherry blossoms, Roses, Magnolia and Lotus flowers to renew and stimulate natural collagen.

Collagen Facial | 60 min
A treatment designed to restore the depleted collagen in your face and rejuvenate your skin. Ultimately, a collagen facial will slow down the aging process by replenishing your body’s natural proteins through external applications.

Neck Firming Treatment | 30 min
A hyaluronic based treatment that firms and tightens the delicate skin around the neck. Combats the appearance of sagging facial contour, improves skin elasticity and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles.

Cellular Eye Contour Treatment | 30 min
A collagen based treatment that firms and tightens the delicate skin around the eye, smoothes wrinkles, fights black circles, discoloration and puffiness. Your eyes will look radiant, rested and youthful.

Express Facial | 20 min
An express facial designed to refresh your skin type, during your lunch break. This facial is great as an introduction to a healthy skin wellness program. A must for maintaining healthy and youthful skin.

Men’s Classic Facial | 50 min
A facial built around the fundamentals of good skin-care: deep pore cleansing, exfoliation, invigorating massage, a treatment mask, all customized to your skin’s needs. A must for maintaining healthy skin.


Achieve your glow all year round, with our indoor tanning booth designed by dermatologist Dr. Kern



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